Free Amino Acids 70% (w/w)

Total Nitrogen 9% (w/w)

Organic Nitrogen 9% (w/w)

Potassium (K) 1.57 (w/w)

Calcium (Ca) .58 (w/w)

Boron (B) 0.02 (w/w)

Manganese (Mn) 0.06 (w/w)

Zinc ( Zn) 0.09 (w/w)

Organic Matter 72% (w/w)

Also contains natural iodine,selenium,

Betaïn and PGRs.

Greater Nutrients


The complexing power of the amino

acids in NZBioAmino

increase the availability of

macro and micro nutrients

in the soil.

Stress Resistance

NZBioAmino increases crop resistance

to situations of stress (drought, frost,

phytotoxicity, etc.) and maintains photosynthetic

activity and enhances rapid recovery.

High Compatibility

Can be applied together with standard

nutritional and phytosanitary treatments

and enhances their absorbtion

and effectiveness.

Certified as input

into organic operations

The quality standards followed in

preparations of NZBioAmino are

guarantees of its consistency and

activity and ensure that no toxic

chemicals are used in making

of this product.

Locally Made

Made in NZ with only Marlborough

Sounds harvested seaweed.


Lowest levels of heavy metals.

Made with invasive seaweed,

not with indigenous species.

Free of Potassium Hydroxide,

AAs and QAC’s.

For Organic and Conventional Growers who want

a high quality product to enhance the health and

the productivity of their crops.

Waikaitu uses a 100% wild seaweed , harvested

and processed to make an entirely natural foliar

biostimulant and soils conditioner. It has a stimulation

effect on plants,particularly during early growth and

periods of stress such as drought, heat, parasites or

frost. It stimulates cellular division, roots formation and

enhances fruits size. The international research confirms

the usefulness of a brown seaweed like Undaria Pinnatifida

to enhance the microbial activity in the soil which leads

directly to plant’s health.




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