Help your plants

to resist Stress


Support them à

to grow better


With high quality

locally harvested

seaweed biostimulants


For organic or conventional growers who want a great value product to improve the productivity of their crops.

Waikaitu uses a 100% wild harvested and processed seaweed to create a completely natural foliar biostimulant and soil conditioner .It has a stimulative effect on plants,especially during early growth and periods of stress such as drought, heat, pest pressure or frost.It stimulates cell division, root formation and improves fruit size. International research confirms usefulness of brown seaweed like undaria in improving soil microbial activity which leads directly to better plant health .




Waikaitu NZBioAmino contains 9% Nitrogen.

If you need to fight crop stress, ensure maximum yields from your crops and increase flowering and fruit setting in challenging conditions, then NZBioAmino is your best ally against crop stress . NZBioAmino Nitrogen is an organically certified source of mostly vegetable amino acids for superior nutrition .Contains some of the highest concentrations of amino acids in combination with seaweed extract.


 Products for Human Nutrition

New Zealand Seaweed

Nutritional Supplements

Processing makes all the difference .

Freshly picked, never frozen, and processed

immediately at low temperature to maintain

nutritional bioactivity. Our processing is

low heat, even lower than freeze drying



What do growers say about our product


"Using Waikaitu has been our best

return on investment and our vines

vines are in the best shape they

have ever been''

Woolaston Estate


"The growth, colour and lusk look

of plants is remarkable.

We are very impressed with the

incredible results."

Professional Landscape Designers

"Our new grass is the deepest green

ever seen with happy calves and very

good results on the pasture.''

Gloria Bird
Organic Calf Raiser



Our values are clear.No compromises when it comes to safety, purity, nutrition and quality of our products. Our mission is to improve plant , human and animal nutrition and health through the use of one of the most complete vegetarian storehouses of nutrients, antioxidants and omega 3 oils – brown seaweed. Our name exemplifies our values. The Maori words that make up our name mean: Wai – Water, Kai – Food and Tu – To Anchor ourselves, to take a stand. We are committed to producing pure, clean, delicious food and effective pharmaceutical and soil nutrition ingredients.


Undaria Pinnatifida (Wakame) is an invasive species in New Zealand.
It came in our country in the ballast water of cargo ships and it has spread throughout the coastal waters.We collect this seaweed only from mussel farms which are man made structures and not from natural surfaces .Undaria colonizes all hard surfaces, displacing native seaweed and altering the ecological balance in marine environment. For mussel farmers, the Undaria causes many issues by displacing and chocking mussels, reducing harvesting productivity and increasing fuel usage and maintenance costs.


At Waikaitu, we believe in third party, Independant testing, verification and licensing. Our customers need to know where their product came from, its composition and quality as well as its organic status. They want to be sure that the products we sell are sustainable and ecologically responsible. We believe that rigorous third party testing is the best way to assure our customers of our commitment to quality and sustainability.



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